Expand Probabilities. 

From its birth, innovation has been in the blood of Kong Sing. For 30 years, groundbreaking ideas, new concepts, and new business model have been the guarantors of our success. Kong Sing's innovation always brings your bold ideas into reality. 


Our innovative R&D activities are geared to developing unprecedented solutions for our customers and simultaneously safeguarding our competitiveness. Our innovations focus on:


Surface Treatment Process

The surface condition determines product reliability and usability. With 30 years' experience, we have a group of experts specialized in surface treatment on various materials. 


Thermal Management Technology

Our effort is focused on high-performance cost effective heater sink and water heater. We make over 1,000,000 heaters per year. Our solution can save 50% time of the product development cycle.  


3D Prototyping 

In 2015, we established 3D Printing Product Development Laboratory. Our service including design and engineering service, prototypes, multi-material 3D printing, polishing and surface processes. Now we can have quicker design delivery and optimal design solution for your idea.